We want to take pizza to another level

Traditionally, the pizza Napoletana comes with a thin soft dough layer and a big crust. This version of the pizza is the one consumed in Naples and the most known worldwide as Italian pizza! We are trying to stick to the original recipe following all the rules from the master book "Disciplinare". Every day, we refresh our homemade yeast using just natural ingredients. Throughout the years, our yeast selection has become more extensive, we learned to make yeast from different basic products, like yogurt, milk, beer, fruits. 




Yellow Tomato 


Roasted Veggie

Tonno & cipolla

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we decided to stop our market and private events activity. We think the best way for now to work and to serve you in the safest way is from home.

From now on we do deliver in the Haarlem area,
get in contact with us if you miss our pizza and you want to place an order.